# Acute coronary syndrome

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Also known as , Angiomax, Hirulog A 20 amino acid long synthetic peptide with thrombin-specific anticoagulant properties. Bivalirudin reversibly binds thrombin, free as well as clot bound, at the catalytic site and the anion-binding exosite, thereby preventing the...
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Also known as Apixabanum, BMS 562247-01, BMS-562247, Eliquis An orally active inhibitor of coagulation factor Xa with anticoagulant activity. Apixaban directly inhibits factor Xa, thereby interfering with the conversion of prothrombin to thrombin and preventing...
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Also known as Colchicin, Colchicina, Colchicinum An alkaloid isolated from Colchicum autumnale with anti-gout and anti-inflammatory activities. The exact mechanism of action by which colchicines exerts its effect has not been completely established. Colchicine binds...
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