# Atrophic vaginitis

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Info about medications while breastfeeding

Estradiol Valerate

Can I take Estradiol Valerate while breastfeeding? Estradiol valerate has not been studied during breastfeeding. Injectable estradiol valerate has been used to suppress lactation, usually in combination with testosterone. Generally, it should be avoided in mothers...
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Also known as 17 Beta-Estradiol, 17beta Oestradiol, 17beta-Oestradiol, Benzhormovarine, Dihydrofollicular hormone, Dihydrofolliculin, Dihydrotheelin, Dihydroxyestrin, Estradiol-17beta, Estradiolum, Femestral, Lio-Oid, beta-Estradiol, cis-Estradiol The most potent form...
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