# Leukemia

Clinical trials for drug safety evaluation, please follow the links below to make smart and accurate drug decisions.

Info about medications while breastfeeding


Can I take Dasatinib while breastfeeding? Although one breastfed infants apparently experienced no adverse effects during maternal use of dasatinib, no long-term data are available. Because there is little published experience with dasatinib during breastfeeding, an...
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Also known as Carbamohydroxamic Acid, Carbamohydroximic Acid, Carbamoyl Oxime, Carbamyl Hydroxamate, Droxia, Hidroxicarbamida, Hydrea, Hydroxycarbamid, Hydroxycarbamide, Hydroxycarbamidum, Hydroxyharnstoff, Hydroxyurea, Litalir, N-Carbamoylhydroxylamine,...
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